Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

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If stuck in defense from a trauma, the adrenal gland will always be 'on" or hyper as it is staying ready in case of another future trauma. If uncorrected for years, the gland fatigues from doing 75 years of work in only 25 to 30 years. It then starts to show as low adrenals and adrenal fatigue. Solution? Fix the cause which is to reset the nervous system out of the defense trauma first.

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Question 1:

"I am chronically tired and my doctor did a blood test to see how my adrenal glands were functioning. The tests show very low adrenal function so he has put me on pills. Why would my body be like this?"

Answer 1:

As most people have had a childhood injury which disorganized their nervous system, the body will stay heightened in its energy supply to the defense system until properly corrected. This can over work the adrenal glands more than they were built to over a lifetime, so the fatigue earlier in life. Being stuck in high adrenals also draws power away to the thyroid and pancreas and they show problems over the years as well. The priority is to first correct and disarm the nervous system out of the defense injury using the Neural Organization Technique procedures. Then we can correct the reflexes that control the hormonal system. Only then will the corrections to be made that will be long lasting and permanent.

Testimonials (3)

Frankly, your treatment saved my life.  It has restored my health and sanity and has created the ability for me to have and direct my future again.

I have work-caused PTSD and had been in a constant barely-functional hyper-vigilant state since I triggered for it in Jan 2011.  You identified a physical trauma at 9 years old (broken collar bone), a sexual/gender trauma at 34 (left a 10 year lesbian relation to explore my bisexuality), and then, you ID’d my most recent injury as a “generalized trauma” during which you repeated “right occipital lobe” three times, first quizzically then definitively, and then you worked your empirical intuitive magic. Remarkably (for a well-seasoned talk-therapy patient), we probably exchanged 100 words the whole time

I cannot thank you enough.

[PTSD patient]

My first visit with Dr Tangri was in 1996 when I was 47 years old and I believe that visit has been the major reason why 15 years later I am in good health, fit with lots of energy and no health problems. At the time of my first visit I was walking incorrectly, had incorrect posture and failing eyesight. I was somewhat dyslexic, suffered from sinus headaches and poor digestion. The interesting thing is that I was not aware of this before the visit- I only became aware as the conditions disappeared and I was amazed at how different I felt. I remember upon leaving Dr Tangri’s office the first time I was walking differently and I could see better than I had ever seen since I was a child. I have to this day never had a sinus headache or any headache for that matter. In 2003 I had a nasty fall breaking many bones and to the amazement of the health professionals I healed quickly and have no lingering problems. Of course, I visited Dr Tangri and I know that is was his work that accelerated the healing and mitigated any lingering symptoms.

Not only can I speak to my own experience but also to those of the friends and relatives that Dr Tangri has seen over the years. One that stands out is a client of mine who had a brain injury and had been diagnosed autistic. Dr Tangri worked with this young man and his work was instrumental in this young man to this day living independently, holding down a job and pursuing his dream of being a world class photographer. He literally got his life back.

There is much more I could say as there are so many personal observations that I have however I would add that Dr Tangri is much more than a gifted healer he is a great soul and works diligently to achieve excellence in all he does. Anyone who is his patient is being treated by a master.

Thank you, Dr Tangri

Claudia Warren - Victoria BC, Canada

I saw you in the beginning of September and I have to tell you that life is super!  Not only that, you later worked with my father and I must tell you that this experience has hugely enhanced our relationship.  We have a whole new common bond.

I am much more relaxed and overall happier and more energetic. I can’t believe the difference.  My fibroids on my uterus are shrinking.

Thank you again Dr. T.

Much Love

Heather - Canada