In order to get the most out of the information presented in the videos, it is advisable to watch them in the sequence that they are presented

Watch each individual video in the order listed below:

Video #1

Intro to Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)

A powerful hands on kinesiology based technique that resets the body's neural programs in only one or two treatments. Can be applied to any condition, any age.

Video #2

How I Find Problems Using Muscle Testing

This is an incredible way to get feedback from the body's intelligence that has been discovered since the mid 1960's. Many people cannot believe this phenomenon until they try it in person.

Video #3

The “In Relation To” Factor and How I Find Problems in the Body

The body must be communicated with intelligently and not forcefully. It is a super computer. Only once you can find the faulty "files", can you correct or reset them. Very powerful concept to embrace in all fields of healing and health care.

Video #4

The Defense System

This is the primary system for survival and if not corrected, there will be little permanent success with digestive, immune, hormonal, and other conditions. Most people are stuck in the defense system neurologically by the time they are 10 years of age.

Video #5

Head Tauma’s, Concussions, Sports Injuries, Falls, and Accidents

To be able to hold your head up to see where you are going and who is coming at you is one of the most important circuits for survival. In my 35 years of doing this technique, I would say 95 percent of the population have this condition by age 10!

Video #6

Back, Shoulder, Groin, and Hip Pain

Most people have this problem from childhood but do not know it. Unfortunately we wait until there is pain to seek help, but the circuits were disorganized from when we were small children.

Video #7

Hip, Lower Back, Leg, Knee and Foot Problems

Caused by falls on the bum or tailbone when skiing, falling on ice or hiking, any sports falls or getting hit while running or standing. Will affect the whole lower half of the body, organs and circulation included.

Video #8


This is not a spinal condition only, as many believe. It is a neurological disorganization where the body was out of its zero position when it was struck and is staying there until reset. Very powerful correction achieved in minutes.

Video #9

Demonstration of Part of a treatment

This is only a small part of what is accomplished in an N.O.T. treatment. What took me 14 mins to demonstrate here is accomplished in 2 to 3 minutes.

Video #10

The Digestive System

Food sensitivities, gas, bloating, belching, constipation, hyper-acidity, tired after eating, food allergies, loose stools can all be a sign of a disorganized digestive system neurologically.

Video #11

The Hormonal System

Blood pressure problems, blood sugar issues, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, low sex drive, thyroid issues, restless leg syndrome, depression and difficulty sleeping.

Video #12

Learning Problems, Memory, Dyslexia and ADD

The body has to LEARN to read, remember, speak, process math and languages, go upright to walk and balance, etc. When the nervous system is disorganized from an early fall or trauma, these abilities are weakened

Video #13

Depression and Headaches

I have worked on many people who felt depressed or were labelled with depression or bipolar disorder or PTSD and they had dramatic improvements. If we have head traumas the body runs on less energy mentally as well as physically.

Video #14

Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis MS, Down’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Depending on where the brain became disorganized and which circuits were turned off will determine which of these conditions will manifest years later.

Video #15

Who Can Be Helped by Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)

Anyone of any age or with any condition can be helped with N.O.T. because we are not treating the condition, per se, but first making sure the persons base operating system is working before doing other treatments.