Energetic Rebalancing

We all have an energy body or aura, which holds onto vibrational patterns or signatures, whether they serve us anymore or not. Many people believe that our bodies end at the surface of our skin but science is proving otherwise. If one heals the physical and emotional patterns, but disregards the energy body pattern, there is a chance the problem may return or may not completely heal.

I have observed many times that people will practice yoga, meditation, prayer and invocations, all with good intent. However, if the physical body programs are neurologically disorganized, it can sometimes be hard to hold or maintain the desired energy pattern or auric frequency, if you will.



I prefer to first complete the Neural Organization Technique procedures to make sure that the physical/neurological components are in order. I can then proceed to reset the energetic patterns.

Many times after doing a physical body treatment, the energetic imbalance will reset itself and vice versa. I encourage the patient to continue doing daily cleansing of their energy field using my Attention and Intention invocation and to read Chapter 6 of my book Let It Flow.


Use whatever works for you, but the important part is to use it and do it frequently as a practice to stay in balance, not only when in crisis.


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