What to expect after your treatment

The treatment that you have received may seem very subtle but there are many changes taking place. Keep in mind that most health problems that people are dealing with have their original roots starting in the first 5 to 10 years of their lives. Their symptoms may have begun years later but symptoms usually manifest […]

Nutritional Nuggets

How can you eat better in order to feel better? The intestines are actually the second brain of your body.     The diagram above is a chart explaining the basic concepts of food combining, and compliments recommendations from Chapter 5 of my book¬† Let It Flow.¬†Study more about food combining on the web and […]

How to stay well

The first thing I would recommend for achieving wellness is that one takes control and responsibility for their health and their life decisions, provided they are of maturity and mental capacity. Doctors are to act as guides, not fix all your problems. This is a journey and we all need assistance on the road. This […]

Attention & Intention

I have created a guided intentional meditation to help people release emotional energies that no longer serve them, if they so desire. Please share this with everyone as this is a very powerful tool to help anyone, whether they are coming for treatment or not. Part 1 is an explanation of the how to use […]