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A un mes de la cita, quiero decirte que me siento bien he hecho algunos cambios, es difícil. Al principio me dio  dolor de cabeza, pero no he vuelto a tener  dolores de espalda, me siento más libre de la zona abdominal-pelvica. Sigo poniendo en práctica las recomendaciones, dadas. Muchas gracias


Dalia Soza Mora

I know that you said that once you had done the neural organization then the digestive and hormonal systems would work more optimally. The last few days, my husbands hormonal system has kicked in and all he can think is sex . He has not been like this for 5 years.

Susan - Ontario, Canada

Dr Sheel is an amazing healer. I suffered a moderate concussion back in 2018 and spent thousands of dollars on several different practitioners trying to heal my brain with minimal improvement. Primarily, I suffered from light sensitivity, issues concentrating and retaining information, and imbalances at heights. After seeing Dr. Sheel, I immediately felt an improvement in my energy and my balance. The following day I was able to walk over a high bridge without feeling I was going to be pushed off into the water. I am now reading again too! Dr. Sheel is worth the nominal fee he charges and I recommend anyone suffering from post concussion symptoms to seek treatment from this professional.

Rebecca MacDonald - Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Sheel Tangri is a very special human being and I deeply trust his knowledge and his techniques. The session was very impressive, he found all my issues, even many topics that I didn’t even know about. I have one big scar that I did not pay attention to but Dr. Sheel found out exactly when the accident happened in my childhood at what implications it caused for my body.

He fixed all these issues and after his session I felt very different, as if I had been doing sports for hours and hours, my legs we shaking and my jar felt different. So definitely lots of processes happened within me.

Already after leaving his session, my motion sickness was gone on the car ride back. While I was super sick on the way to the session.

There is one health topic that I came with, which has not yet improved but maybe it takes more time or a second session.

I highly appreciate that Dr. Sheel is knowledged on all levels, body, soul and consciousness.

Definitely book a session with him and enjoy the big difference his treatment makes!

Thank you very much Dr. Sheel!

Anna-Maria Goldberg - Berlin, Germany

Our daughter fell down a concrete flight of stairs at the age of two. Being such a vibrant and intuitive little girl, we knew it affected her physically, breaking her buccal bone. We didn’t notice the effects it had on her focus and learning until about a year later when we deeply dove into homeschooling. We noticed significant changes in her quality of sleep, her digestion,  plus she started getting car sick and was very sensitive emotionally.
During her treatment with Dr. Sheel she was fascinated by his energy and the treatment. Almost immediately she seemed to express her emotions in a more balanced and connected way. Physically she began sleeping through the night that same night and her digestion significantly improved. Not only was her emotional balance restored but her physical balance and stability as well. She has stopped getting car sick and runs faster and moves her body with an effortlessness we hadn’t seen before. Our deepest gratitude to Dr Sheel and all he has done.

Melissa Dicks - Canada

Dr. Sheel is the absolute best of the best!! He has healed me from the pain and suffering of 2 car accidents and a skin condition over the course of the past 26 years. The efforts of all other doctors, physiotherapists, dermatologists and their prescribed medications were not working…and then I met and was treated by Dr. Sheel. His supreme knowledge and expertise of N.O.T completely cleared my year-long daily neck and back pains in just one session, and the same was the case for my year-long daily outbreak of hives on my skin. Dr. Sheel has also treated several of my family members and friends since 1995, and as recently as pre-covid in 2019. If you are looking to get to and treat the root cause of any injury or health issue and see your mind, body and energy systems corrected and restored back to A1, Dr. Sheel is who you want to go see. Thank you so much always and forever Dr. Sheel!! You are a true blessing and gift to this world and everyone lucky enough to be guided to you.





Shawn Kilshaw - Montreal, Canada

After 4 weeks of having my first and only session with Dr Tangri I’m feeling fantastic. I came to the Dr by referral from a friend. To be completely honest I wasn’t sure about all this process but after speaking with him during the session and receiving N.O.T. I feel like a total new energy, like I was born again with a different mindset ready to pursue all these goals that I was once afraid to accomplish. Before I used to have this many allergies and depression. But they are finally gone. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to feel amazing.

Garry Quesada - Sto. Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica

My body has shifted and it feels so much better, I can sleep now. I have less pain and am doing yoga every day. I had a massage for the first time yesterday and she could notice the difference that my body is not that tight anymore.

Maaike Linnenkamp - California, USA

Such a gift to meet Dr.Tangri.

Been waiting over a year and a half with pandemic travel and finally met him February 2021.

I never write testimonials, so this should say a lot! Also went surfing 3 days after and got up during my first lesson. would never have imagined this before.

So thankful for the work he does.

Youval - USA

Thanks so much for the session! I’m walking straighter, can read faster and my memory seems to have improved.

Ben Weir - British Columbia, Canada

If you are reading this, then you are being called to do this.  Don’t question it, just do it!  I had a friend who went and I almost didn’t go because I was worried about the money.  It turns out that when I got there the first thing he addressed (without me saying a word) was my fear around money.  Since then I have been attracting money everywhere and my fear is gone! That was just the first of many physical and spiritual miracles.  I have been going to therapy, going to workshops and healers for over 30 years.  You could call me a “self help junkie”.  I received more healing in 1 hour than 30 years of other therapies.  My blockages are removed, I am more comfortable in my own skin, I am happier and my physical issues are dramatically improved in just one session!!

Sheila N. Hoyt - Tiburon, California

What I thought it was a casual visit to an alternative healer using a simple and non-invasive technique (there is nothing to lose, right?) became an appointment with destiny and a watershed moment in my life. There were so many small and apparently disconnected symptoms, that I just thought were my “particularities”. However, those were in fact the consequence of an event that I knew it happened, but I was to small to remember it. After only one treatment I now feel integral and connected; amazing! I will be forever grateful Dr. Sheel, gracias!!

Pilar Gonzalez - Bogota, Colombia

I have had TMJ issues for over six years which caused intense headaches and on some days, made it too painful to open my mouth wide enough to even fit a spoon in to eat.  For three years I have been going for a massage every month to help reduce the pain and realign my jaw so it opens properly. After only a few days, however, the problem would just return.

With just one treatment with Dr. Tangri using Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.),  my TMJ problems have not returned and it is the first time in years that I can open my jaw properly.  The technique even healed the residual symptoms of a concussion that I received 3 years earlier. Up until I received the treatment with Dr Tangri I had been using regular craniosacral therapy and acupressure, however,  the results were temporary. I didn’t even know that the residual symptoms like headaches, tiredness and light sensitivity could be addressed and were all connected. Thank you Dr Sheel!

Ayla Pearson - B.C. Canada

Seeing Dr Sheel has been so impactful. I saw him twice. I had a neck pain for the past 2 years. In the first treatment I had no more neck pain I was blown away. I went to see him a second time to treat my right elbow where I also had pain for the past year and after my second treatment with Dr Sheel Tangri no more elbow pain. I feel amazing and I feel lighter…full of energy. I am beyond grateful for having met him. What a life changing experience

Elizabeth - Toronto, Canada

I didn’t have a specific condition but was more interested in the technique and its effects. I have been a life long meditator and spiritual seeker. The session was lovely. It did not hurt and there wasn’t any fear.

I felt very aligned afterwards. It is all subtle and I can see how problems could be gone by reprogramming and rebooting the nervous system for optimal functioning.

I found Dr. Tangri to be professional, knowledgeable, and very kind.

Marina Laliberte - Pembroke, Ontario

I felt totally at ease with Dr. Tangri and there was no physical discomfort whatsoever with this technique. I felt a definite sense of wholeness and well being following the treatment and my body reacted extremely well to this technique. I train almost daily at a high level, and at the age of 66 my aches, pains, old and new injuries constantly rear their ugly heads. The issues that Dr. Tangri addressed have not returned one year after the treatment…only one session! Even some of my forgotten injuries came to the forefront and were dealt with during my session. Extremely professional and he went to great lengths to make sure I was totally comfortable, answering all questions with patience and respect.

J Robert Long - Ottawa, Ontario

Retired Teacher


The methods used by Dr. Sheel Tangri are truly incredible!

I had problems with my left shoulder since I was young and had also dislocated it in 2018 while skiing. I could not push my upper body to the max doing chin ups and push ups without weight support. Within literally just a few minutes after the treatment, I could already feel that everything in my shoulder was back to normal, without having these weird sensations every time I moved it. Within just a few days, I could overcome the number of max repetitions of my chin ups and push-ups, it was so motivating!

He also had detected lots of other problems in my lower body without me even telling him anything about it, and resetting everything back to normal. This is such a powerful technique. And he is doing it like he has done it forever before ..a real professional practitioner. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Dr. Tangri!

Benjamin Jaume - Bordeaux, France

Web Developer



I am a 65 year old man from British Columbia, Canada.  After suffering many years with back problems I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and subsequently was prescribed initially with indocin and later with diclofenac to help me manage my pain and stiffness in my spine.  These anti  inflammatory medications caused me many negative side effects including stomach and digestion problems.

In January of 2014 while vacationing in Samara, Costa Rica my back was causing me a lot of pain.  On the recommendation of a fellow Canadian, I went to see Dr. Sheel Tangri for a chiropractic adjustment and neural organization technique (N.O.T.).  The results of his treatment have virtually eliminated my years of back pain and have completely eliminated the need for me to take any anti inflammatory medication to control pain.  The end result is that my AS appears to be completely in remission and I am not on any pain medication whatsoever.

Back in Samara in 2015 and after a follow-up visit with Dr. Tangri all of my AS symptoms appear to be gone and still no back pain!  My quality of life has improved immeasurably.

After seeing my positive results, my wife also went for treatment.  Her neck and shoulder pain are much relieved.  She attests to a general sense of well being and calmness after her visits.

If you are in Costa Rica, a visit to Dr. Tangri would be well worth your time.  My wife and I were frequent patients of chiropractors in Canada but no longer require adjustments or medications.  Thank you Dr. Tangri.

Keith and Linda - B.C. Canada

On January 9, 2019, my life changed radically. I made an appointment with a chiropractor to adjust my left hip, which I’ve had problems with for several years. I had done some research on this doctor and was aware that he did some other “holistic” type of work as well, but his training had been chiropractic and kinesiology.

The concise version as I understand it is this. He touched my forearm (apparently sensing cues from my muscle memory), and told me I had had 2 falls; at 10 months and 14 years (obviously I only remember the one at 14 years but – true). Both were during daylight with eyes open and both were a forward fall. Since then I have been in “fight-or-flight mode”.

He said my central nervous system just needed to be reset, very much like a computer. For those of you who know me well, you know I had great difficulty sleeping. I also had acute RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), in other words, EVERY night I dealt with legs that spasmed throughout the night. This condition was so debilitating that it affected every facet of my life, including all my relationships. I struggled with concentration, memory, my emotions, and constant exhaustion. It prevented me from going further with my career because I couldn’t do interviews. That kind of stress would undoubtedly keep me wide awake all night, even with sleep drugs, and the result was a very poor performance. In the federal public service, I never succeeded beyond the administrative level despite my belief that I had the talent and ability to go further.

I spent 40 years taking brain altering drugs, prescribed by doctors, neurologists and sleep specialists, to help me get, at least a little sleep. I have been reluctant to post this declaration because I honestly can’t believe it myself. I keep expecting the spasms in bed at night to come back. How is it possible they are just gone? How is it possible that I don’t have to take a pill to go to sleep.

It’s been 9 days and I am a different person. I feel younger, stronger, more energized and he tells me the positive changes have only just begun! After 40 years of not sleeping I can well imagine! When I think of the money I have spent over the years on drugs and specialized tests, gadgets and sleep-promising merchandise, massages, and treatments, the cost for this “miracle” was negligible, and it was all completed in a one-hour session! I only wish I’d known about this man and his treatment/technique sooner.  I am, forever grateful, for Dr. Tangri  ❤

Bella - Canada

You are the Sherlock of Healers. Miraculous. Thank you So Much. Priceless service.

Lori - USA

When Sam, my son, came to see you last fall, you cleared and reset the after-effects of a bad fall he suffered when he was very young.  This fall had affected the straightness of his teeth.  I am happy to report that as the remaining baby teeth have come out, the permanent teeth that were already in place have realigned themselves.  His upper front teeth are now almost perfectly straight and it is unlikely we will now be pursuing orthodontic treatment for him as he doesn’t really need it! Yippee!!


When I first met Dr. Sheel Tangri it was following a fall from my horse, resulting in concussion, seizure and finally with my having difficulty speaking!

I could not drive because my driver’s license was taken away for a year due to seizure’s appeared after my fall. My sister brought me to see him on two occasions a week apart.  The results were miraculous and my speech returned to normal quickly.

During the first visit he mentioned carbon monoxide asphyxiation and in my state of mind it meant nothing to me.  However, as I recovered over the week I remembered actually being asphyxiated (carbon monoxide) in Edmonton at the home of my parents when the gas furnace malfunctioned several years prior! The results of this work relieved me of my ‘allergies’ that I thought I had developed and were simply a result of the carbon monoxide toxins!

THANK YOU so much Dr. Sheel!  While I thought my only problem was my speech, a true reorganization addressed my total health.

Ps. I retired from Physical Therapy. My visit with Dr. Tangri was both a personal growth experience and resulted in my working with specialized kinesiology.

Cheryl Relf - Vancouver Island BC, Canada



I am so shocked at what actually took place.  I was totally unprepared for what you said to me, that the pain in my legs was doing something for me.  I thought you must be mistaken; I did not see this as being the truth.

I was feeling really uncomfortable with the fact that I was not a ski instructor anymore and that I was not kayak guiding anymore.  I have done these careers, kayak guiding for 11 years and ski instructing for 20 years.  Now I was struggling with the feeling of disappointment in myself that it was over.

I needed an excuse for ending it all and that is what the leg pain was about.

Honestly, the pain is completely gone and I am laughing like crazy.

I realize now that I need to be more comfortable with myself.  I know who I am, I am achieving highly in other areas now and I feel a new freedom about accepting it.

You have completely surprised me; I am so happy you wouldn’t believe it.

Words cannot tell you how thankful I am to you.

Tracy - Vancouver Island BC, Canada

Ocean Kayaking guide


In my session I was astonished by Dr Tangri’s ability to probe my inner depths with such accuracy. The birth trauma cause was vividly accurate….my neck and shoulders have relaxed…it seems like for the first time in my life!

I now feel a vital part of humanity and am loved and can love, I relax into life. I even play my guitar differently. I could go on and on.

I am eternally grateful

Tony - Victoria BC, Canada

Medical doctor


I have known Dr. Sheel for about 10 years now.  I first brought my step brother to see him as my step brother was mentally handicapped and suffered from severe depression.  The doctors were going to give him electric shocks to his brain and I felt an alternative was kinder.  After the session, my brother improved enough to live the rest of his time on earth not as tortured, for which I am forever grateful.  I decided to try for myself to see if I felt any different after a treatment and I was very impressed and have returned through the years for additional treatments when I have suffered different shocks to my system either physically, emotionally or mentally.  I have always felt better after a treatment and would recommend it to anyone.

Bev York - Victoria BC, Canada

I went to see Dr Tangri in 1999.I had a particular way of walking that had my whole pelvis swing back and forth as I walked, I had no freedom in my pelvis.  It moved as all one piece rather than the way it was designed to work.  Like most people I had one leg shorter than the other but did not notice either of these conditions as it had always been that way.

It was a day or two after my session that my husband noticed that I was no longer walking with my pelvis swinging back and forth. I was now walking like other people do… my pelvis was free!  Holy cow, I could hardly believe it.  What also happened was I gained an inch in height.  My spine had lengthened, my pelvis had freed up and I felt great!  I know there were other results from my subsequent sessions, but this one was the one that stands out for me as I continue to enjoy the freedom of walking that I still have.

Deb Connoly - Victoria BC, Canada

I have seen by Dr. Tangri 4 or 5 times over several years for treatment of lower back problems. If you ask why so infrequently, all I can say is that as unconventional as it may seem, his treatment works. After I see him for a session, I can go for months or years without treatment as opposed to traditional treatments like chiropractic and physiotherapy which required weekly or more frequent treatments. He is amazing!

Doreen Appleton - Victoria BC, Canada

I saw you in the beginning of September and I have to tell you that life is super!  Not only that, you later worked with my father and I must tell you that this experience has hugely enhanced our relationship.  We have a whole new common bond.

I am much more relaxed and overall happier and more energetic. I can’t believe the difference.  My fibroids on my uterus are shrinking.

Thank you again Dr. T.

Much Love

Heather - Canada

I was having health challenges revolving around my sex life. I saw some ‘professionals’ and did numerous tests and was diagnosed with a prostrate that swelled after ejaculation. After seeing a specialist, he concluded that I needed to take Advil to keep my prostrate from swelling. I was not satisfied with this proposal to my health situation. I wound up in Costa Rica and was introduced to Dr. Tangri. At first, I did not know what to make of the session but went along hoping it would all make sense. However, after the session I did not experience any more pain in my prostate after that and it was a year before I even felt a ‘tinge’ of uncomfortable sensation. Almost three years later I can report the same state of physical wellness. I am grateful for my experience with the doc and would recommend him to anyone

Jonathan - California, USA

I am almost holding my breath waiting for the pain to return to my lower back!  normal person!  After returning to my office (I think I floated back and I wanted to cry about 3 times en route with happiness, awe, and shock) I was pain free (I haven’t used that term in over 3 years).  Today, even more so, in fact it is not hurting as I write this AND my digestive tract has been active for the past 2 days!  That blows my mind if that should continue as well!!!!

Thank you so much

Suzanne - New York NY, USA

I was tired and took a nap…then proceeded to have one of the greatest weeks of my life

And all week I have HAD NO SEIZURES!!!  I believe that if this time does not bring seizures, that I am at least 96% healed.

Thank you

Athena - New York NY, USA

The first time I saw him my dizziness was cured.  There are few medical practitioners I’ve come across in my life that I will remember forever.  Dr. Tangri & N.O.T. changed my life. Dr. Sheel is worth his weight in gold!

Sarah Doyle - Miami FL, USA

My first visit with Dr Tangri was in 1996 when I was 47 years old and I believe that visit has been the major reason why 15 years later I am in good health, fit with lots of energy and no health problems. At the time of my first visit I was walking incorrectly, had incorrect posture and failing eyesight. I was somewhat dyslexic, suffered from sinus headaches and poor digestion. The interesting thing is that I was not aware of this before the visit- I only became aware as the conditions disappeared and I was amazed at how different I felt. I remember upon leaving Dr Tangri’s office the first time I was walking differently and I could see better than I had ever seen since I was a child. I have to this day never had a sinus headache or any headache for that matter. In 2003 I had a nasty fall breaking many bones and to the amazement of the health professionals I healed quickly and have no lingering problems. Of course, I visited Dr Tangri and I know that is was his work that accelerated the healing and mitigated any lingering symptoms.

Not only can I speak to my own experience but also to those of the friends and relatives that Dr Tangri has seen over the years. One that stands out is a client of mine who had a brain injury and had been diagnosed autistic. Dr Tangri worked with this young man and his work was instrumental in this young man to this day living independently, holding down a job and pursuing his dream of being a world class photographer. He literally got his life back.

There is much more I could say as there are so many personal observations that I have however I would add that Dr Tangri is much more than a gifted healer he is a great soul and works diligently to achieve excellence in all he does. Anyone who is his patient is being treated by a master.

Thank you, Dr Tangri

Claudia Warren - Victoria BC, Canada

Dr. Sheel Tangri has been an absolute savior to our family. He has helped my wife and I with things like back/neck pain, tendonitis, insomnia, and general health. He has also helped our children with a variety of ailments. He is affordable and absolutely trust worthy. While his methods are not as traditional as we were used to, they work. He is now the first appointment we make when one of us is not feeling well. He has kept our family healthy and balanced. I have recommended him to friends and family who feel the same way. We are lucky to have him in our area.

Bram Shook - Nosara, Costa Rica

Frankly, your treatment saved my life.  It has restored my health and sanity and has created the ability for me to have and direct my future again.

I have work-caused PTSD and had been in a constant barely-functional hyper-vigilant state since I triggered for it in Jan 2011.  You identified a physical trauma at 9 years old (broken collar bone), a sexual/gender trauma at 34 (left a 10 year lesbian relation to explore my bisexuality), and then, you ID’d my most recent injury as a “generalized trauma” during which you repeated “right occipital lobe” three times, first quizzically then definitively, and then you worked your empirical intuitive magic. Remarkably (for a well-seasoned talk-therapy patient), we probably exchanged 100 words the whole time

I cannot thank you enough.

[PTSD patient]

Dr Tangri’s treatment perfected my digestion, skin, math comprehension, physical centeredness, balance and solidity. My thought awareness plus ability to change them, emotional stillness, among many other things… Everything got even better. And all this in only one-time short consultation.

Dr Tangri is totally amazing, straight forward and spot-on. He has a both sweet and solid energy, radiance and knowledge. I highly recommend the privilege to go and see him.

Denisse - Costa Rica

For at least 10-12 years I suffered from gradually intensifying pains in my neck, back and shoulders as a result from a double hernia (C5-6 & 6-7). This year I finally had X-Rays, MRIs and an EMG taken and the specialist…they informed me that an operation was imminent; that one of my discs would have to be replaced and two of my vertebras fused. I dreaded that operation, for its invasiveness and the critical location, so I got a second opinion in The Netherlands (where I’m from) and asked my physical therapist in Nosara for advice. Great was my surprise when in the head of neurology in the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam told me that this type of operations is hardly ever being performed in Holland anymore, since “they only take care of the symptom and not of the cause”; once you have an operation like this and do nothing else, a hernia is likely to come back just above or below the original spot. In Holland most neck hernia cases are treated with a combination of physical therapy and exercises and most of them heal within 6 months. I discussed this with my physical therapist who advised me to visit Dr.Sheel Tangri to see what he could do about the pain. I was not convinced at first, but several other people I trust recommended him to me so I made an appointment. I cannot explain precisely what he has done, but to use his own words, he went after the cause – not the symptom, and after one hour I walked out of his clinic pain-free. Yes, pain-free, after 12 years, and the last months prior with little or no sleep due to the intensified pain radiating into my shoulders. Dr. Sheel’s treatment of the causes of my neck injury took place almost 2 months ago and I have been pain-free ever since. He recommended physical therapy, improvements in posture, diet and general attitude, all of which I am following up on, and which are of help, but since his treatment I am able to sleep much better, which has greatly improved my overall mood and the way I see life on a day by day basis. I more than gladly recommend Dr. Tangri to anyone with neck, back, shoulder, or any nerve-system-related pain issues.


Bart de Graaf - Holland

A week has passed since I had your awesome N.O.T. treatment in Austria- I was the guy who coughed all the time for years…really embarrassing for me.

After two days my cough had gone, and some symptoms like scratching of the skin and problems with digestion had disappeared, too.

My digestion was quite normal after a long time and I felt a little more energy and the water in my lung had disappeared.

Best regards

André - Austria

Thank you so much for your help. Physically I’m a lot better, my right leg and hip are strong again, my periods have been normal, sleeping, digestion, allergies, vision everything has improved.

I noticed changes in my food preferences (healthier choices now), last week I quit coffee and I do a water fasting day every two weeks. So that is all good.

Thank you so much

Ulrike - Austria

That was quite the session on Sunday. I left feeling qualitatively different, expanded and eased…. Measurably, I can move my neck in ways that I haven’t been able for decades; I can open my mouth fully ….my diaphragm moves easily, without my having to consciously command a diaphragmatic breath.  Energetically, I’m more open ventrally somehow and I have a sense of expanded perception / awareness / engagement anteriorly and vertically. It’s hard to describe, but it’s different and I like it!  There’s a sense of flow, physically and psychically.

Deep grateful bow

Catherine - Vancouver Island BC, Canada

You completely healed the part of my elbow that has been hurting for 16 months. I felt so good that I was able to now do pull ups for the first time in a year….thanks

Bram - Costa Rica

Lauren seems happy and continues to make inroads with her learning.   Her music learning is speeding by at a much faster rate.   Her new adventure ‘speech’ is slowly achieving but nevertheless, there is definitely some progress.   It is new learning and we need to be patient while she learns to coordinate her brain with her tongue.

I tested her challenging descending the stairs yesterday while we were out.  We live in a 1 floor apartment hence no stairs here.   To my surprise, she did well walking down AND with no assistance for the 1st time.    In the past, she was always hesitant when facing stairs.

As for me, Dr. Tangri, the aches and pain on my spine have diminished…I seem to be able to walk for a longer distance before I need to rest my back.   I have noticed a huge improvement in the flexibility of my spine and legs strength.   I can now comfortably pick up objects from the floor, though I still have trouble getting totally down due to fear that I won’t be able to pick myself up again from a squatted position.    No more problem bending over or lowering myself.   That so pleases me!

Dr. Tangri, you have such a wonderful ‘calling’ helping so many people to live a better and more meaningful life.    Thanks for being there for all of us!

Take care and continue with your great work!

Cecilia - California

First of all, I want to let you know how grateful I am for your session with me on Saturday.
I already feel changes in my body (urge to urinate all the time is gone, my belly feels light and “normal”, my whole body feels much more relaxed and not tight anymore).
Also, my mother told me the story of my birth and she said that I was stuck because the Dr. who would have done the episiotomy was late and I got stuck twice – first with my head (forehead – part between my eyes, as you also confirmed; I even had fissured veins visible there for some time); and a second time at the thorax (my sternum was pressed inwards for some time).

So even though I did not know or remember that during our session, you read my body correctly and it was confirmed days later when I found out the truth from my mother.

Thank you so much

Claudia - Austria

Thank you so much once again for the very special morning session with our students. I know they got a lot out of it. I saw Sheyla standing up much straighter…. Lucy and Nina and I all felt super energized all afternoon long; thank you so much!

Andrea Keith - Playa Samara, Costa Rica

Executive Director

La Asociacion CREAR