Will the treatment hurt?

The treatment is performed with light touch and a little rubbing, so one may feel a little tenderness but not much. In fact, the kids nickname me The Tickle Doctor!  Remember, this is not a force technique but rather is a technique concerned with reconnecting the SEQUENCE of the body circuits. If you were typing a letter, it’s not how hard you push on the keyboard, but rather the order of how you input the letters together to make the words and sentences that matter.


What age group can you help?

All age groups, from newborn to elderly. The younger the better because we can find and correct the disorganized circuitry before it shows as a symptom or problem. However, that does not mean the treatment is not effective on an elderly person. The nervous system will still be reorganized, removing a significant cause of any condition. However,  with years of being in disorganization some conditions may not reverse or heal fully.


Do I need to have a pain or condition to get the N.O.T. treatment?

Not at all.  It is an all systems analysis and correction.  It should be done on anyone as a preventative health care approach.


How long is a session?

From 15 mins to 1 hour or so, depending on the practitioner and the age of the patient.  It really depends more about the level or amount of disorganization that presents, not just about the age of the patient.  It’s about competently going through and doing the full systems analysis and performing the necessary corrections, not on how much time you spend with the patient. A middle aged person may present with one significant trauma needing correction, while a 22 year old active athlete may have 3 needing attention. Each person is like a new book for me to read.


Will I feel immediately better after a treatment?  How long will it take to recover or notice changes?

Remember, we are resetting your nervous system, not treating where you have your pain. Of course, the intention in the treatment is that you feel better overall. Sometimes it takes years for the pain or problem to appear, so it may take days or weeks for the body to reverse. In reality a few weeks is nothing compared to permanently reversing a condition.  However, out of my years of clinical experience, the majority of the people will notice dramatic improvements within minutes to a few days after the treatment.  Occasionally some people will feel very little change initially, but then some days or months later the problem will be gone. This is all under the control of the body’s intelligence. Our job is to reset the circuitry and let it flow, so to speak. The body can then do the healing.


Do I really only need one treatment? What if I need future sessions?

I would say in my experience 80 percent of the cases I see usually only need one initial treatment for the corrections to be done. Some cases with multiple traumas may require a few days to process the first session, and a second session is then needed to address the other trauma which happened at another time in life.

From a wellness and preventative healthcare perspective, it is recommended to get a checkup after any new major trauma, or to have an “all systems check” every 6 months.


Do I have to undress?



Do I have to understand English?



What conditions do you treat?

Please refer to the Conditions Treated page of the website