How to stay well

The first thing I would recommend for achieving wellness is that one takes control and responsibility for their health and their life decisions, provided they are of maturity and mental capacity. Doctors are to act as guides, not fix all your problems. This is a journey and we all need assistance on the road. This is not a sign of weakness. There is not one way or one treatment that serves everyone.

Do some research (which is easier now with the internet….but sometimes confuses more than helps). Look into alternatives to the “mainstream” forms of health care. Just because they are the mainstream or norm does not mean they are correct treatments and in alignment with the principals of nature.

Learn to trust your intuition and common sense. Ask your health care providers some questions and see what really works. Stay open minded and give yourself credit for making the changes towards feeling and living better rather than feeling you are a failure or “wrong/bad”. Try looking at life and the choices that you make from an approach of “will they will be more excellent or less excellent choices for yourself and others”, rather than the polarity minded thinking of “good or bad”.  I have embraced this philosophy. We are perfect in our imperfections as well.

So what can you do for yourself to stay well and/or support the N.O.T. treatment that you have received?



You can play sports, go for walks or swims, stretch daily even if for 5 concentrated minutes. Feel your body as you do these things. Practice yoga as well. You don’t need to go to a class all the time. Learn it and then practice it at home, periodically getting a class and a refresher. Time is not an excuse. You can take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to do something if you are so busy. Just make it important to YOU and the time will become available.



Try the suggestions in my Nutritional Nuggets. Make a decision to minimize the less excellent habits in your life and incorporate some more excellent ones to balance it out. Do not judge yourself or the food as good or bad. Take steps to start deprogramming from the old patterns/habits and start reprogramming what you would like. You must take ACTION and DO IT, not talk about it. Visit a nutritional counselor or Doctor of Naturopathy for some guidance.

Even if you smoke, just being conscious during the day to ask yourself “do I really feel like having a cigarette right now?” you may go from 10 cigarettes a day down to 5. That is a great step in the right direction!



There are techniques such as Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) as described in my book that can help deprogram old patterns and addictions locked in the mind to body circuitry. There are psychologists and therapists where you can go just to talk and check in with someone professional along the journey of life. You can also practice Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT which can be easily learned and applied. (You Tube has good videos on EFT and how to perform it). Again, it is a question of DOING it.



You can pray, meditate, or consciously ask and learn to reconnect with your higher power or higher self. Asking is one of the most powerful tools I have ever learned. Ask for the truth to be shown to you and ask to remove any false beliefs or programs that you have accepted as truth. This is very powerful. A computer cannot download new data if it is bogged down with old data, therefore we need to clean up the computer files and sometimes do a defragmentation so that the system is running efficiently. Ask what you are here for or sometimes more importantly, what are you here to heal and let go of. Look at my Attention and Intention Invocation and use it frequently. The more you do these various techniques as a way of living, the more you will stay in the flow of life.