Nutritional Nuggets

How can you eat better in order to feel better?

The intestines are actually the second brain of your body.



The diagram above is a chart explaining the basic concepts of food combining, and compliments recommendations from Chapter 5 of my book  Let It Flow. Study more about food combining on the web and practice it as this is key to nutrition. There are some other charts at the bottom of this page which you can print. Over the years I have changed some of my ideas about eating fruit as the first meal. I have studied and tried dietary systems from India, China, North America and other places. I have tried raw food diet for 6 months which was very powerful, been vegetarian, eaten meat in my diet and learned about the keto diet and intermittent fasting.  I must point out that if a person is in neural disorganization then all forms of diets are less than effective, because the digestive system will already be in deficit neurologically.   Receiving a treatment would be the first thing to do, and then dietary modifications can be tried to see what works for that individual.

Each person must do a little research and try what works for them. Remember that at some point in your life certain foods may need to be added to your diet and some may need to be removed. In another phase of your life you may need to modify. We are dynamic beings so listen to your body. I have really enjoyed learning from a chiropractor, Dr. Eric Berg, who has many excellent videos teaching lay people about the body. Please look at his videos on YouTube and you will learn much about the body and nutrition.

Here are my own Nutritional Nuggets.

  1. Leave a glass of water by your bedside and drink it when you wake up.
  2. Every morning on an empty stomach, drink a cup of warm to hot water (not boiling nor microwaved) with the juice of  a fresh lemon or lime squeezed in it. Some books suggest adding a small pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt to it.  Do not eat or drink anything for the next 20-30 minutes. This assists in cleaning out the liver and digestive tract in preparation for a new day of work.
  3. On most mornings try to have only one type of fruit for breakfast or at least until 10a.m. You can have as much as you want to feel satisfied, but try to only stick to one or maybe two types of fruit for that day. Consult the food combining chart at the bottom of this page to see which fruits work well together.  According to the keto diet principles, oil or protein would be the choice rather than fruits or carbs. This could be eggs or an avocado, or some raw (not roasted) organic nuts such as Brazil, pecan, macadamia, or walnuts.  For some, yogurt with coconut oil mixed in it may be a favorite.
  4. Learn about food combining and practice it if you choose to eat the mainstream foods such as meats, breads, dairy, and vegetables. Your body will work more efficiently when you follow these principles.
  5. Learn about Raw Food or Living Foods diets as this method of eating is the most powerful and sensible I have studied and observed. If people could adhere to the raw food diet principles for even 80 percent of their diet, amazing changes would happen.
  6. Try to buy as much of your food organically grown including your meats and cheeses. Many of the chemical pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and hormones that are used in raising our crops and animals end up in our bodies contributing to health problems. It may be more expensive but you are worth it. If more people make this conscious change, supply and demand will bring the price down until it is the norm.
  7. Eat only when you are hungry. Don’t get addicted to always feeling so full. The body is efficient when it has enough, but inefficient when it has too much.
  8. Chew your food and don’t eat if you are stressed and hurried. Also, eat sitting down.
  9. Do not use regular iodized table salt. Use Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salts.
  10. Try to drink 2-3 liters of clean water a day.
  11. I prefer that people get their vitamin and mineral needs from nature, but realistically in today’s world, most people are not really eating enough good quality fruits and vegetables to get all of their daily nutritional requirements. Remember that things like coffee, soft drinks, processed foods, sugar, smoking and alcohol also deplete your nutritional levels. So even if you are eating very well, the benefit can be negated by some of our less healthy habits. In such cases you may benefit from taking a good multivitamin, a good multi mineral, and a vitamin C-about 600-1000 mg per day. Ask for help at a health food store or consult a Naturopathic Doctor as to which vitamin and mineral supplement is suited for you. Especially get your kids taking good vitamins and minerals. Always take them with a meal as vitamins are not a replacement for food. I will take them for a week or two to top up my levels, and then take a break for a few weeks. It all depends on your diet  and also your stress levels at that time in your life. (ie: are you travelling, are you getting ready for a sports competition, have you been letting your routine slip because of holidays and special occasions).
  12. Use ghee (clarified butter) instead of butter,  olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado or pumpkin seed oil in your diet.  They assist significantly in the function of your hormone system. Many other commercially popular oils which are less expensive are actually not that good to cook with or use. Do your research.
  13. The ingestion of alcohol, meats (which have antibiotics in them), medicinal antibiotics, medications and vaccinations can kill off some of the healthy or friendly bacteria that live in the small and large intestine and help to digest our food.  Unfavorable bacteria can then start to outnumber the friendly bacteria and many problems can result. It is a good practice to go to a health food store and purchase a bottle of what are called probiotics, containing strains of both Acidophilus (for the small intestine) and Bifidus (for the large intestine). Ask the employee for help as there are different types and they can guide you. Take the dosage as that brand recommends, in the morning, for 2-3 weeks or until the bottle is finished. That’s all. Try to do this about every four months to keep your system up to par. This is very important for health. There are now products that are fermented that will help your body’s healthy bacterial flora.  Again, do a little research and incorporate these foods into your diet before resorting to the pill form, in my opinion.

Eliminate from your diet as much as possible:


  • White sugar, (candies, chocolates, pastries, etc.)
  • White flour (pastries, breads, pasta’s, cookies, etc.)
  • Nicotine (including chewing tobacco)
  • Pop drinks
  • Coffee (decaf included) and caffeinated teas.
  • Alcohol
  • Meat and dairy

The reason to eliminate these foods is not just that they are “dead” foods (no life or vibration in them), but because they throw off your very crucial acid-base balance. Your blood is like a swimming pool and your kidneys are like the pool maintenance person that constantly checks to see if the water (or your blood) is in the right concentration or pH range. If it is too acidic or too alkaline, chemicals will need to be added to the pool to bring the pH back to balance. When we eat the above foods they make our blood acidic. Over time this causes achy muscles and joints and the body starts to age and degenerate. This can take years to show as symptoms.  To balance out the blood, the body takes calcium and other minerals or vitamins from our body to do it. This is not good for obvious reasons. It will also cause the kidneys to constantly overwork, leading to future problems.

Minimize your animal protein intake or have very small portions. Animal foods (cheeses, meats, eggs, fish and seafood) also make the body acidic. The body does not need large amounts of protein to function well, and most nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes (beans and lentils) can provide plenty of protein. Dairy products seem to cause a lot of mucus production in people, which is the body’s outright way of saying “get this out of me!” Anyone with any kind of digestive problems (including flatulence and burping), any skin conditions, any lung problems, any joint aches, any learning and concentration problems, or any problems battling with frequent colds or headaches should severely restrict or eliminate dairy from their diet.



AVOID ANYTHING THAT HAS THE WORDS ‘HYDROGENATED’ OR ‘PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED’ OR “MODIFIED” IN THE INGREDIENTS. They have a long shelf life because they are not live or living foods anymore,  and thus stay in the body for months if not years! That includes MARGARINE, most cream cookies, icings, and spreads. READ THE LABEL.

AVOID MSG as it is an EXCITOTOXIN on your nervous system. It will make your nervous system more agitated and can lead to health problems. Most flavored potato chips (nacho/cheese, sour cream and onion, BBQ) and things like Clamato Juice contain MSG which supposedly enhance the flavor and you want more. What is worse is that MSG has now been grouped in the category of SPICES in labeling procedures, so it is difficult to tell if it is in your food. Spend your money on products that actually say NON GMO, MSG FREE, and NON HYDROGENATED OILS. You and your loved ones are worth it.

Avoid most chewing gums as it confuses your body into thinking it is eating, which tires the digestive system. Later when you eat, the system is tired and inefficient. On top of that, most gums are now made with artificial sweeteners!

These are recommendations and not meant to replace any medical or other health recommendations from a qualified health practitioner. Any changes or concerns to one’s diet are done entirely at their own risk.

Please consult with Dr. Tangri first if you have any questions or concerns.

Consult Acid and Alkalizing Chart and Food Combination Charts Below:

Acid and Alkalizing chart

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Food combinations and choices

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