What to expect after your treatment

The treatment that you have received may seem very subtle but there are many changes taking place. Keep in mind that most health problems that people are dealing with have their original roots starting in the first 5 to 10 years of their lives. Their symptoms may have begun years later but symptoms usually manifest well after the problem has started. We are so programmed to believe that when we receive any form of treatment that all pain or discomfort will be gone and all of our problems will be fixed. This can happen, but many times it doesn’t. Why not? Because the body needs time to change and unlearn what it learned or has been living with. When we bottle things up emotionally or have physical malfunctions that we have learned to live with, they become familiar.

What most people find amazing is how easy and gentle most of the corrections seemed during their treatment, yet how fast the changes took place. You may feel like you are standing taller (which you probably are) or as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders right after the treatment. Within hours to days, however, the story may be different.

As this type of therapy affects several levels of your being, it has cleansing effects on those multiple levels. Therefore, it is quite common to physically feel tired, achy in new places, possibly have a headache and/or neck ache, or needing to go to the bathroom more frequently.

Emotionally you may feel more sensitive to things, depending on how deep the cause of your pain is. Some feel like crying, without an identifiable reason. You may also feel more vulnerable or “raw”, as you have just changed many programs and energy patterns in your nervous system.

This process is called a “healing crisis” and is normal in healing. When the body was not running efficiently, it did not release toxins efficiently. When a correction takes place, the first thing that the body does with the extra flow of energy is to “clean house”. The severity and length of time that the symptoms of a healing crisis will exist is unpredictable. It usually subsides within 4 days to 2 weeks, depending on how toxic you are.

More importantly, remember that your body heals in layers, not always all at once. Weeks or sometimes months of feeling well are suddenly interrupted with a few days of the same symptoms of the healing crisis. Provided that you make the other lifestyle changes that I suggested in my book Let It Flow, these should pass quickly.

Respect the treatment that you have just allowed yourself to have, but do not fear it, for that would be contradictory to everything that it is about. Please contact me if you have a concerns or symptoms that you are unsure about.
Healing is a journey of self-discovery. Try to make it an enjoyable journey.