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This is an advanced condition that has a protocol of its own. However, in order to get to the stage of exhibiting this condition, there has to be neural disorganization of the primary 3 survival systems so these have to be corrected first, then deal with the specific reflexes related to the asthma protocol.

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  • CFS, Allergies, Frequent colds, illnesses

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Question 1:

"My daughter is constantly getting colds and coughs, yet I see other kids staying healthy. We eat very well in comparison to the other families, so I know that is not the problem. I don’t want to keep using the excuse that there is “just another flu or cold going around” as I know this is not a true reason. What could be going on?"

Answer 1:

If you understand the theory of N.O.T, most of us have had at least one injury in our early years in which the body could not self correct or reboot and come out of neurologically. The innate intelligence then must put more energy into staying prepared for a future life threatening trauma (locked in fight/flight). Unfortunately, the extra energy needed for the fight/flight protective system is taken from the immune system and reproductive/hormonal systems. The weak immune system and recurring illnesses are usually secondary, and the primary correction needed is to first correct and disarm the fight/flight system, using the N.O.T. protocols. This is why you may find that antibiotics and other medications are not working.

Testimonial (1)

A week has passed since I had your awesome N.O.T. treatment in Austria- I was the guy who coughed all the time for years…really embarrassing for me.

After two days my cough had gone, and some symptoms like scratching of the skin and problems with digestion had disappeared, too.

My digestion was quite normal after a long time and I felt a little more energy and the water in my lung had disappeared.

Best regards

André - Austria