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Our approach is to see why the body/immune system cannot recognize itself as "normal" and thus starts to attack itself, thinking it is a foreigner. I have had lots of success with these using the N.O.T. protocols by resetting the immune system.

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Kurt - USA

I am a 65 year old man from British Columbia, Canada.  After suffering many years with back problems I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and subsequently was prescribed initially with indocin and later with diclofenac to help me manage my pain and stiffness in my spine.  These anti  inflammatory medications caused me many negative side effects including stomach and digestion problems.

In January of 2014 while vacationing in Samara, Costa Rica my back was causing me a lot of pain.  On the recommendation of a fellow Canadian, I went to see Dr. Sheel Tangri for a chiropractic adjustment and neural organization technique (N.O.T.).  The results of his treatment have virtually eliminated my years of back pain and have completely eliminated the need for me to take any anti inflammatory medication to control pain.  The end result is that my AS appears to be completely in remission and I am not on any pain medication whatsoever.

Back in Samara in 2015 and after a follow-up visit with Dr. Tangri all of my AS symptoms appear to be gone and still no back pain!  My quality of life has improved immeasurably.

After seeing my positive results, my wife also went for treatment.  Her neck and shoulder pain are much relieved.  She attests to a general sense of well being and calmness after her visits.

If you are in Costa Rica, a visit to Dr. Tangri would be well worth your time.  My wife and I were frequent patients of chiropractors in Canada but no longer require adjustments or medications.  Thank you Dr. Tangri.

Keith and Linda - B.C. Canada