Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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If the bones of the wrist and/or neck are fixated and cannot move properly it will inflame the nerves and tissues of the wrist, resulting in this diagnosis. I would find a sports chiropractor who can adjust your wrist and neck and see if the problem is resolved in 3 to 4 treatments. If it does return, however, then most likely the body is neurologically disorganized and in fight flight. N.O.T must then be performed.

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  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Question 1:

"I always have tight or restricted shoulders. I have tried different modalities but they only help temporarily. What could you do for me that may be more permanent?"

Answer 1:

There could be several reasons for your shoulder restriction. Physically, you most likely have an old cranial injury complex which changes the bio-mechanics of how your shoulders move in relation to your head. This can lead to micro tearing in the muscles and tendons over time, which is where one eventually is diagnosed with bursitis, arthritis, or a myriad of other conditions with fancy names. Correct the cranial circuitry first using the N.O.T. protocols, as the neurology should be reset before the muscles, bones, joints, and organs are worked on. Lesser known in most disciplines, the circuitry of the endocrine or hormonal system is connected to the left Pectoralis Major muscle, which is a major shoulder stabilizer. If the endocrine circuitry is organized and functioning properly, the left Pectoralis Major will receive energy and test strong. When the body is stuck in fight/flight or defense, it draws energy away from the endocrine/hormonal system. Since most people have had at least one cranial injury that the body could not reset on its own, most people are stuck in the fight/flight mode. Therefore, most people’s endocrine neurology is in jeopardy, hence producing a weak left Pectoralis Major and subsequently a weak left shoulder. Toxicity of the body from years of ingesting sugar, coffee, bad fats, bread, dairy products, alcohol, tainted meat products etc, can significantly stress the organs. They constantly have to overwork to process, filter, and eliminate the above-mentioned non-foods. If the liver and/or gall bladder are over stressed, it can refer pain and restriction to the right shoulder. Stress to the stomach, spleen, or pancreas can refer to the left shoulder. My approach would be to do the N.O.T. protocols and the patient’s responsibility would be to do a series of detox cleanses under the guidance of a Doctor of Naturopathy or trained professional. Then it would be wise to modify one’s daily eating routine and minimize the ingestion of the above-mentioned stressors. Finally, emotions of anger, resentment, frustration, and stubbornness can weaken the liver and gall bladder circuitry, resulting in referred pain or weakness in the right shoulder. Low self esteem, worry, distrust, and hopelessness are just some of the emotions that cause stress and weakness of the stomach, spleen and pancreas which refer to the left shoulder. All or any of the above may be the cause or the compensation, but to thoroughly fix the problem, all must be investigated together.