Concussions & Head Trauma

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Very common, including hits to the chin and jaw, nose and forehead.

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Question 1:

"I hit my head really hard on the concrete playing around with my friends, and it hurt for a few hours. My mom took me to the doctor to see if there was damage. The doctor said i did not have a concussion and that I was fine. The pain went away after a few hours. Three weeks later my concentration at school is off, and i seem to be more tired in the day. Is this what you call a cranial inury? "

Answer 1:

Yes, exactly. On medical imaging and other neurological tests the doctors may conclude that you are "fine", but really the program that holds your head on your body is disorganized or "off". In Neural Organization Technique we call this a Cranial Injury Complex and this body program is one of the most important programs in the body. It is how we hold our head upright. Your body is not fine, in fact it is weaker in the "jungle" and is putting all it's energy into staying in defense in case you get hit again. It was not corrected or naturally turned back on after your fall, so your energy is being drained from overworking in the defense system. Your learning circuitry is also being affected . As the months and years pass you will probably start to have issues also with your neck and shoulders, your lower back, hips, knees and ankles, and your digestive system may start acting up. Find and N.O.T. doctor to help you as soon as possible.

Testimonials (4)

Nicolas Stracini - USA

When I first met Dr. Sheel Tangri it was following a fall from my horse, resulting in concussion, seizure and finally with my having difficulty speaking!

I could not drive because my driver’s license was taken away for a year due to seizure’s appeared after my fall. My sister brought me to see him on two occasions a week apart.  The results were miraculous and my speech returned to normal quickly.

During the first visit he mentioned carbon monoxide asphyxiation and in my state of mind it meant nothing to me.  However, as I recovered over the week I remembered actually being asphyxiated (carbon monoxide) in Edmonton at the home of my parents when the gas furnace malfunctioned several years prior! The results of this work relieved me of my ‘allergies’ that I thought I had developed and were simply a result of the carbon monoxide toxins!

THANK YOU so much Dr. Sheel!  While I thought my only problem was my speech, a true reorganization addressed my total health.

Ps. I retired from Physical Therapy. My visit with Dr. Tangri was both a personal growth experience and resulted in my working with specialized kinesiology.

Cheryl Relf - Vancouver Island BC, Canada



That was quite the session on Sunday. I left feeling qualitatively different, expanded and eased…. Measurably, I can move my neck in ways that I haven’t been able for decades; I can open my mouth fully ….my diaphragm moves easily, without my having to consciously command a diaphragmatic breath.  Energetically, I’m more open ventrally somehow and I have a sense of expanded perception / awareness / engagement anteriorly and vertically. It’s hard to describe, but it’s different and I like it!  There’s a sense of flow, physically and psychically.

Deep grateful bow

Catherine - Vancouver Island BC, Canada

I have had TMJ issues for over six years which caused intense headaches and on some days, made it too painful to open my mouth wide enough to even fit a spoon in to eat.  For three years I have been going for a massage every month to help reduce the pain and realign my jaw so it opens properly. After only a few days, however, the problem would just return.

With just one treatment with Dr. Tangri using Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.),  my TMJ problems have not returned and it is the first time in years that I can open my jaw properly.  The technique even healed the residual symptoms of a concussion that I received 3 years earlier. Up until I received the treatment with Dr Tangri I had been using regular craniosacral therapy and acupressure, however,  the results were temporary. I didn’t even know that the residual symptoms like headaches, tiredness and light sensitivity could be addressed and were all connected. Thank you Dr Sheel!

Ayla Pearson - B.C. Canada