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If the hormonal systems are turned down because more energy is needed keeping the person in a physical defense state, this can affect moods and energy levels, and be incorrectly categorized as depression.

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  • Depression
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Question 1:

"I am chronically tired and my doctor did a blood test to see how my adrenal glands were functioning. The tests show very low adrenal function so he has put me on pills. Why would my body be like this?"

Answer 1:

As most people have had a childhood injury which disorganized their nervous system, the body will stay heightened in its energy supply to the defense system until properly corrected. This can over work the adrenal glands more than they were built to over a lifetime, so the fatigue earlier in life. Being stuck in high adrenals also draws power away to the thyroid and pancreas and they show problems over the years as well. The priority is to first correct and disarm the nervous system out of the defense injury using the Neural Organization Technique procedures. Then we can correct the reflexes that control the hormonal system. Only then will the corrections to be made that will be long lasting and permanent.

Testimonials (4)

Nicolas Stracini - USA

I have known Dr. Sheel for about 10 years now.  I first brought my step brother to see him as my step brother was mentally handicapped and suffered from severe depression.  The doctors were going to give him electric shocks to his brain and I felt an alternative was kinder.  After the session, my brother improved enough to live the rest of his time on earth not as tortured, for which I am forever grateful.  I decided to try for myself to see if I felt any different after a treatment and I was very impressed and have returned through the years for additional treatments when I have suffered different shocks to my system either physically, emotionally or mentally.  I have always felt better after a treatment and would recommend it to anyone.

Bev York - Victoria BC, Canada

I saw you in the beginning of September and I have to tell you that life is super!  Not only that, you later worked with my father and I must tell you that this experience has hugely enhanced our relationship.  We have a whole new common bond.

I am much more relaxed and overall happier and more energetic. I can’t believe the difference.  My fibroids on my uterus are shrinking.

Thank you again Dr. T.

Much Love

Heather - Canada

Frankly, your treatment saved my life.  It has restored my health and sanity and has created the ability for me to have and direct my future again.

I have work-caused PTSD and had been in a constant barely-functional hyper-vigilant state since I triggered for it in Jan 2011.  You identified a physical trauma at 9 years old (broken collar bone), a sexual/gender trauma at 34 (left a 10 year lesbian relation to explore my bisexuality), and then, you ID’d my most recent injury as a “generalized trauma” during which you repeated “right occipital lobe” three times, first quizzically then definitively, and then you worked your empirical intuitive magic. Remarkably (for a well-seasoned talk-therapy patient), we probably exchanged 100 words the whole time

I cannot thank you enough.

[PTSD patient]