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Difficulty with reading, remembering, balance, decision making, directions, mathematics, languages, speaking and vocalizing.

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  • Learning Disabilities
  • 1986 Radio Interview with Dr Ferreri on Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

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Question 1:

"We have a child who has trouble remembering things she reads. She does study and is not lazy, however she is getting frustrated that she can study so hard and be ready for a test the next morning, only to not remember a lot of the material she studied. As well we have another child who is very smart and agile, but as soon as you start to sit him down to read a book or talk to him, it is like he just cannot focus. Can you help our kids?"

Answer 1:

Most of us have had a cranial injury in our early years which is still uncorrected, because few have had access to Neural Organization Technique to have it corrected. You must have an organized cranial program as a foundation for being able to do higher thought processes (learning and comprehending), therefore most of us have some form of learning difficulties or disabilities in some areas whether it be listening, reading, memory, or directionality. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream services provided in this field spend their time trying to correct the symptom rather than the cause. Diet is important as well as providing proper teaching and study skills. However, none of the aforementioned will be totally effective until the base neurological programs are corrected using Neural Organization Technique and other techniques in the field of Specialized Kinesiology .Read the list below to understand that dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other learning disabilities are not a disease or single entity, but rather a combination of difficulties or neural disorganizations. These blown circuits interfere with one’s level of comprehending, remembering, and recalling information as well as making decisions that support the individual’s well being as well as those with whom the person interacts. Confusion and disorientation/coordination Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD Bumping into things/clumsy/klutzy Difficulty remembering what you read Difficulty focusing Tongue tied/difficulty recalling words out of one’s mouth/Stuttering Strokes/cranial circulation Equilibrium/balance/vertigo Difficulty reading in a car Difficulty remembering names/faces Difficulty spinning in one or both directions Nervousness around heights/ascending or descending stairs or ladders Difficulty standing on one leg Difficulty hearing/concentrating with background noise Tired or falling asleep easily when reading/having to concentrate Difficulty with right brain skills (reading/languages/emotions/relaxing/spelling) Difficulty with left brain skills (math/logical thinking/completing tasks and projects) Overly right brain without order and focus (left brain injury) Overly left brain without flexibility and feeling (right brain injury) Neck tension or tired when reading/studying/working at a computer/driving Confusing rights and lefts Procrastination Apathy/suicidal/depression N.O.T has had tremendous success with correcting learning problems in one or two treatments. Dr. Ferreri wrote a book entitled “Breakthrough for Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia” at a time when hardly anyone was paying much attention to this now common condition. Remember, the treatments are gentle and only involve rubbing and connecting the circuitry. It is too involved for me to explain all the circuitry involved with the above list, however, there is logic and science behind each and every correction.

Testimonials (3)

Lauren seems happy and continues to make inroads with her learning.   Her music learning is speeding by at a much faster rate.   Her new adventure ‘speech’ is slowly achieving but nevertheless, there is definitely some progress.   It is new learning and we need to be patient while she learns to coordinate her brain with her tongue.

I tested her challenging descending the stairs yesterday while we were out.  We live in a 1 floor apartment hence no stairs here.   To my surprise, she did well walking down AND with no assistance for the 1st time.    In the past, she was always hesitant when facing stairs.

As for me, Dr. Tangri, the aches and pain on my spine have diminished…I seem to be able to walk for a longer distance before I need to rest my back.   I have noticed a huge improvement in the flexibility of my spine and legs strength.   I can now comfortably pick up objects from the floor, though I still have trouble getting totally down due to fear that I won’t be able to pick myself up again from a squatted position.    No more problem bending over or lowering myself.   That so pleases me!

Dr. Tangri, you have such a wonderful ‘calling’ helping so many people to live a better and more meaningful life.    Thanks for being there for all of us!

Take care and continue with your great work!

Cecilia - California

Dr Tangri’s treatment perfected my digestion, skin, math comprehension, physical centeredness, balance and solidity. My thought awareness plus ability to change them, emotional stillness, among many other things… Everything got even better. And all this in only one-time short consultation.

Dr Tangri is totally amazing, straight forward and spot-on. He has a both sweet and solid energy, radiance and knowledge. I highly recommend the privilege to go and see him.

Denisse - Costa Rica

Alex Schettler - Ottawa, Ontario