Frequent Urination & Incontinence

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With a cranial injury, the body will turn down neurology to the front muscles of the body and tighten up the back muscles to stay in defense, always ready. This lack of tone to the front muscles causes all the organs to sag or weigh down heavier. The bladder is at the bottom of the abdominal cavity so it cannot maintain full tone.

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  • Prolapsed Utereus and Frequent Urination
  • Prostate Gland Enlargement or Hypertrophy
  • Inguinal Hernias

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Question 1:

"I have a hernia in my groin for which I had surgery. It still bothers me and now I have also been told that my prostate gland is enlarging. Is there a logical explanation for what is causing these problems using your approach?"

Answer 1:

If you look at the pelvic bones they form a bowl. Spread across and attached to the pelvic rim or top of the pelvic bowl is a tissue, that is suspended very much like a mesh net suspended over a big bowl. This tissue is what supports your guts against gravity and keeps them from pressing on your bladder and prostate (or the uterus for females). If your pelvis is twisted or if you are stuck in a gait fault or scoliosis ( see other conditions), the mesh is twisted. With increased internal pressure from lifting or pushing (as in a bowel movement), the intestines can poke through weaker areas of the mesh net. This is what causes the hernia. The tissue damage is secondary, which explains why the surgery was only palliative temporarily. As the years progress, (remember the causative injuries usually start in childhood), the weakened tissue cannot suspend the bowels and other structures off of the bladder and prostate/uterus. The result is that the bladder must be emptied more frequently and in women, the uterus tips or prolapses. In men, the prostate gland must now hold up more weight as the “roof above is sagging”. It’s response to the increased weight over the years is to enlarge, much like a body builders’ muscles would if they had increased demand. When the prostate becomes large enough, it can press on the ureter (the tube that brings urine from the bladder out through the penis). The symptom of this will be difficulty urinating or dripping and trickling after finishing urinating. Many men have this condition and are keeping quiet for they fear the worst, that they will have prostate cancer. This is a relatively easy condition to correct using the Neural Organization Technique protocols.

Testimonial (1)

First of all, I want to let you know how grateful I am for your session with me on Saturday.
I already feel changes in my body (urge to urinate all the time is gone, my belly feels light and “normal”, my whole body feels much more relaxed and not tight anymore).
Also, my mother told me the story of my birth and she said that I was stuck because the Dr. who would have done the episiotomy was late and I got stuck twice – first with my head (forehead – part between my eyes, as you also confirmed; I even had fissured veins visible there for some time); and a second time at the thorax (my sternum was pressed inwards for some time).

So even though I did not know or remember that during our session, you read my body correctly and it was confirmed days later when I found out the truth from my mother.

Thank you so much

Claudia - Austria