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Coming through the birth canal, forceps delivery, C-sections, malposition, cord wrapped around the neck. . All these can cause stress on the nervous system both physically and emotionally which go undetected and could have the infant stuck in defense. Very easy to correct so that the baby can let go and grow into the child and adult it was meant to be.

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Question 1:

"Reading your book and other materials, it makes sense to have an infant checked ASAP, with or without symptoms. Is this correct?"

Answer 1:

You are correct. Malposition in the mother, a big baby in a small mother, C sections, forceps deliveries, premature babies, and difficult or long deliveries with lots of pushing all can create disorganization of the master cranial circuit. The babies cranial bones have not fused yet and are very supple and fragile. Therefore they are more vulnerable to disorganization under these stressful experiences, even though there was no obvious major force. The more time left uncorrected the more blockages occur in the full expression of the infants’ life force. In my opinion this significantly interferes with development, which is very rapid in the first months and few years of its life!

Question 2:

"Both of my children have recurring ear infections. My elder child had tubes put in his ears but the infections still continued. My doctor says it’s normal. I read that dairy products increase mucous production in the body and support the growth of unfavorable bacteria which lead to infections. Even after I have eliminated dairy from the kids’ diet, the problem remains. What would your approach be?"

Answer 2:

You are doing the right thing by limiting or eliminating the dairy products, which would always be my recommendation. From a structural standpoint, however, quite commonly several possibilities exist. The simplest possibility can be corrected by any chiropractor, in which the top vertebra or “atlas” vertebrae is stuck or fixated and needs to be mobilized or adjusted. The logic behind why the infections are recurring is due to improper drainage of the Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes connect the middle ear to the inside of the throat area or nasopharynx. Not only does this allow for equalization of air pressure (as when we yawn or open our mouths in an airplane) but also to allow for a tight or taut tube allowing fluids to drain into the throat and out of the body. If the atlas is stuck off to one side, the musculature and other anatomy in the area is under more tension on one side and so the tube is more taut on one side, but lax on the other. This causes poor drainage on the lax side and the fluids accumulate. Then the bacteria move in as they have a swamp to live in! The more complex cause is that the higher centers that keep the head righted (i.e. the cranial injury complex discussed in Answer 1) are not working and the atlas is going out of optimal position in COMPENSATION to the offset cranium. In this case the chiropractic adjustments would be short lasting, and a cranial injury correction using the N.O.T. protocols would first be needed. Once the cranial circuitry is corrected and calibrated, the adjustment to the neck could be performed and the problem corrected.

Question 3:

"I hit my head really hard on the concrete playing around with my friends, and it hurt for a few hours. My mom took me to the doctor to see if there was damage. The doctor said i did not have a concussion and that I was fine. The pain went away after a few hours. Three weeks later my concentration at school is off, and i seem to be more tired in the day. Is this what you call a cranial inury? "

Answer 3:

Yes, exactly. On medical imaging and other neurological tests the doctors may conclude that you are "fine", but really the program that holds your head on your body is disorganized or "off". In Neural Organization Technique we call this a Cranial Injury Complex and this body program is one of the most important programs in the body. It is how we hold our head upright. Your body is not fine, in fact it is weaker in the "jungle" and is putting all it's energy into staying in defense in case you get hit again. It was not corrected or naturally turned back on after your fall, so your energy is being drained from overworking in the defense system. Your learning circuitry is also being affected . As the months and years pass you will probably start to have issues also with your neck and shoulders, your lower back, hips, knees and ankles, and your digestive system may start acting up. Find and N.O.T. doctor to help you as soon as possible.

Question 4:

"I am chronically tired and my doctor did a blood test to see how my adrenal glands were functioning. The tests show very low adrenal function so he has put me on pills. Why would my body be like this?"

Answer 4:

As most people have had a childhood injury which disorganized their nervous system, the body will stay heightened in its energy supply to the defense system until properly corrected. This can over work the adrenal glands more than they were built to over a lifetime, so the fatigue earlier in life. Being stuck in high adrenals also draws power away to the thyroid and pancreas and they show problems over the years as well. The priority is to first correct and disarm the nervous system out of the defense injury using the Neural Organization Technique procedures. Then we can correct the reflexes that control the hormonal system. Only then will the corrections to be made that will be long lasting and permanent.

Question 5:

"We have a child who has trouble remembering things she reads. She does study and is not lazy, however she is getting frustrated that she can study so hard and be ready for a test the next morning, only to not remember a lot of the material she studied. As well we have another child who is very smart and agile, but as soon as you start to sit him down to read a book or talk to him, it is like he just cannot focus. Can you help our kids?"

Answer 5:

Most of us have had a cranial injury in our early years which is still uncorrected, because few have had access to Neural Organization Technique to have it corrected. You must have an organized cranial program as a foundation for being able to do higher thought processes (learning and comprehending), therefore most of us have some form of learning difficulties or disabilities in some areas whether it be listening, reading, memory, or directionality. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream services provided in this field spend their time trying to correct the symptom rather than the cause. Diet is important as well as providing proper teaching and study skills. However, none of the aforementioned will be totally effective until the base neurological programs are corrected using Neural Organization Technique and other techniques in the field of Specialized Kinesiology .Read the list below to understand that dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other learning disabilities are not a disease or single entity, but rather a combination of difficulties or neural disorganizations. These blown circuits interfere with one’s level of comprehending, remembering, and recalling information as well as making decisions that support the individual’s well being as well as those with whom the person interacts. Confusion and disorientation/coordination Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD Bumping into things/clumsy/klutzy Difficulty remembering what you read Difficulty focusing Tongue tied/difficulty recalling words out of one’s mouth/Stuttering Strokes/cranial circulation Equilibrium/balance/vertigo Difficulty reading in a car Difficulty remembering names/faces Difficulty spinning in one or both directions Nervousness around heights/ascending or descending stairs or ladders Difficulty standing on one leg Difficulty hearing/concentrating with background noise Tired or falling asleep easily when reading/having to concentrate Difficulty with right brain skills (reading/languages/emotions/relaxing/spelling) Difficulty with left brain skills (math/logical thinking/completing tasks and projects) Overly right brain without order and focus (left brain injury) Overly left brain without flexibility and feeling (right brain injury) Neck tension or tired when reading/studying/working at a computer/driving Confusing rights and lefts Procrastination Apathy/suicidal/depression N.O.T has had tremendous success with correcting learning problems in one or two treatments. Dr. Ferreri wrote a book entitled “Breakthrough for Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia” at a time when hardly anyone was paying much attention to this now common condition. Remember, the treatments are gentle and only involve rubbing and connecting the circuitry. It is too involved for me to explain all the circuitry involved with the above list, however, there is logic and science behind each and every correction.