Lyme’s Disease

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This disease will usually show a disorganized immune system which needs to be reset if one really wants to start recovering. There will also be neural disorganization of the primary 3 survival systems, usually from a previous trauma that caused the system to be weakened before they contracted Lyme's.

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  • Lyme's Disease
  • Digestive Issues
  • Hormonal or Endocrine System

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Question 1:

"I am chronically tired and my doctor did a blood test to see how my adrenal glands were functioning. The tests show very low adrenal function so he has put me on pills. Why would my body be like this?"

Answer 1:

As most people have had a childhood injury which disorganized their nervous system, the body will stay heightened in its energy supply to the defense system until properly corrected. This can over work the adrenal glands more than they were built to over a lifetime, so the fatigue earlier in life. Being stuck in high adrenals also draws power away to the thyroid and pancreas and they show problems over the years as well. The priority is to first correct and disarm the nervous system out of the defense injury using the Neural Organization Technique procedures. Then we can correct the reflexes that control the hormonal system. Only then will the corrections to be made that will be long lasting and permanent.