Parkinson’s Disease

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The area of the brain controlling movement and balance can be affected in a fall or sports injury to the head. This may not show as full blown Parkinson's until years later. There is a specific protocol for this condition. We may not reverse it, but we can help by reorganizing the nervous system.

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Question 1:

"I am an athlete and notice that during my baseball, tennis and golf swings, my body always pulls a little at the end of the swing, causing me to hook the ball and not get as much power in my swing. Sometimes muscles in either my neck or my low back will spasm after the swing. What does this tell you?"

Answer 1:

It tells me that your nervous system is misfiring and that your structure or frame is possibly out of alignment. More than likely you have a gait fault and/or a scoliosis ( see videos back pain and on scoliosis). This can be corrected, returning to your optimum game performance.