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As explained in restless leg syndrome, if in defense from an old trauma, the calf and arches of the feel are always armed in case of a future trauma. This pulls on the attachment of the whole calf muscle which inserts on the bottom of the foot. The fascia is inflamed from the increased tension.

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Question 1:

"I hit my head really hard on the concrete playing around with my friends, and it hurt for a few hours. My mom took me to the doctor to see if there was damage. The doctor said i did not have a concussion and that I was fine. The pain went away after a few hours. Three weeks later my concentration at school is off, and i seem to be more tired in the day. Is this what you call a cranial inury? "

Answer 1:

Yes, exactly. On medical imaging and other neurological tests the doctors may conclude that you are "fine", but really the program that holds your head on your body is disorganized or "off". In Neural Organization Technique we call this a Cranial Injury Complex and this body program is one of the most important programs in the body. It is how we hold our head upright. Your body is not fine, in fact it is weaker in the "jungle" and is putting all it's energy into staying in defense in case you get hit again. It was not corrected or naturally turned back on after your fall, so your energy is being drained from overworking in the defense system. Your learning circuitry is also being affected . As the months and years pass you will probably start to have issues also with your neck and shoulders, your lower back, hips, knees and ankles, and your digestive system may start acting up. Find and N.O.T. doctor to help you as soon as possible.

Question 2:

"My tailor noticed that she always has to hem one of my pants a little shorter than the other, and suggested I see a chiropractor. My hairdresser noticed that my head was always tilted and had to cut my hair at an angle. The chiropractor informed me that this is because my spine was out of line or stuck, producing a pull more on one side of my body that the other. This was giving the appearance of one leg being shorter than the other when I lay on his treatment table. However, I have not broken any bones to cause one leg to be shorter. Initially, after a few treatments, my legs became even and I had all my pants re-tailored. Now I notice that the adjustments that the chiropractor performs don’t stay and my head and pelvis are tilting. Can you help me to understand why the adjustments won’t hold?"

Answer 2:

This is a great question since many people experience this problem and many are unaware that it is happening in their body. After reviewing my videos on The theory of N.O.T, The Defense System, and The Cranial Injury, you will understand that the cranium is the prime cause of the problem (i.e.; and old head trauma, probably when you were very young). Your body is pulling the neck, spine, and hips more on one side than on the other in compensation for the disorganization between your head and pelvis. It is purposely doing this to be able to stay upright in a center of gravity.This gives the appearance of a head tilt, pelvis tilt, and short leg. That is why the adjustments help for a limited period of time. The spine is following the signals from the cranial gyroscope program which was disorganized ever since the head trauma. If one were to calibrate the cranial program first, the spine would recenter and gladly allow for the adjustments. They would hold permanently after only half a dozen appointments with the chiropractor.

Testimonial (1)

On January 9, 2019, my life changed radically. I made an appointment with a chiropractor to adjust my left hip, which I’ve had problems with for several years. I had done some research on this doctor and was aware that he did some other “holistic” type of work as well, but his training had been chiropractic and kinesiology.

The concise version as I understand it is this. He touched my forearm (apparently sensing cues from my muscle memory), and told me I had had 2 falls; at 10 months and 14 years (obviously I only remember the one at 14 years but – true). Both were during daylight with eyes open and both were a forward fall. Since then I have been in “fight-or-flight mode”.

He said my central nervous system just needed to be reset, very much like a computer. For those of you who know me well, you know I had great difficulty sleeping. I also had acute RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), in other words, EVERY night I dealt with legs that spasmed throughout the night. This condition was so debilitating that it affected every facet of my life, including all my relationships. I struggled with concentration, memory, my emotions, and constant exhaustion. It prevented me from going further with my career because I couldn’t do interviews. That kind of stress would undoubtedly keep me wide awake all night, even with sleep drugs, and the result was a very poor performance. In the federal public service, I never succeeded beyond the administrative level despite my belief that I had the talent and ability to go further.

I spent 40 years taking brain altering drugs, prescribed by doctors, neurologists and sleep specialists, to help me get, at least a little sleep. I have been reluctant to post this declaration because I honestly can’t believe it myself. I keep expecting the spasms in bed at night to come back. How is it possible they are just gone? How is it possible that I don’t have to take a pill to go to sleep.

It’s been 9 days and I am a different person. I feel younger, stronger, more energized and he tells me the positive changes have only just begun! After 40 years of not sleeping I can well imagine! When I think of the money I have spent over the years on drugs and specialized tests, gadgets and sleep-promising merchandise, massages, and treatments, the cost for this “miracle” was negligible, and it was all completed in a one-hour session! I only wish I’d known about this man and his treatment/technique sooner.  I am, forever grateful, for Dr. Tangri  ❤

Bella - Canada