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Both of my children have recurring ear infections. My elder child had tubes put in his ears but the infections still continued. My doctor says it’s normal. I read that dairy products increase mucous production in the body and support the growth of unfavorable bacteria which lead to infections. Even after I have eliminated dairy from the kids’ diet, the problem remains. What would your approach be?


You are doing the right thing by limiting or eliminating the dairy products, which would always be my recommendation. From a structural standpoint, however, quite commonly several possibilities exist. The simplest possibility can be corrected by any chiropractor, in which the top vertebra or “atlas” vertebrae is stuck or fixated and needs to be mobilized or adjusted. The logic behind why the infections are recurring is due to improper drainage of the Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes connect the middle ear to the inside of the throat area or nasopharynx. Not only does this allow for equalization of air pressure (as when we yawn or open our mouths in an airplane) but also to allow for a tight or taut tube allowing fluids to drain into the throat and out of the body. If the atlas is stuck off to one side, the musculature and other anatomy in the area is under more tension on one side and so the tube is more taut on one side, but lax on the other. This causes poor drainage on the lax side and the fluids accumulate. Then the bacteria move in as they have a swamp to live in! The more complex cause is that the higher centers that keep the head righted (i.e. the cranial injury complex discussed in Answer 1) are not working and the atlas is going out of optimal position in COMPENSATION to the offset cranium. In this case the chiropractic adjustments would be short lasting, and a cranial injury correction using the N.O.T. protocols would first be needed. Once the cranial circuitry is corrected and calibrated, the adjustment to the neck could be performed and the problem corrected.