Grinding Teeth, Clenching Jaw, Clicking Jaw, TMJ Syndrome

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I find that I grind my teeth and clench constantly. Even though my dentist gave me a tooth guard to wear, I still have very sore jaw muscles. She is now suggesting surgery on my jaw as it is wearing down the TMJ on one side but I don't feel the cause has been corrected. I would like to find a solution before the dentist does any invasive procedures. Does N.O.T. have a treatment protocol for this?


Yes it does! The reason animals clench the jaw is to lock the skull muscles tight, which in turn clamps the skull bones from their normal state of subtle movement. The reason for assuming this defensive posture is to lock down and protect the central computer, the brain and spinal cord. Without this mechanism, the brain would slosh around inside the skull and spine with every trauma, creating nerve disorganization and damage. This defensive posture prepares the animal for a fight/flight stress, such as an attack or a fall/injury. As I explain in my videos and in my book “Let It Flow”, if the animal sustains a trauma to the skull in which the innate intelligence could not reset itself, the body from that day forward will recruit the jaw to stay in a more clenched or ready position. This is done to protect the brain in case there is another injury in the future. The solution is not to tamper with the jaw first, but to first fix the cranial circuitry back to normal. Then we can proceed to correct the jaw circuitry for it now has nothing to protect. This is the logic behind N.O.T. There is a reason for each correction and a logic to the order of how each treatment is performed. One of the common answers for why people grind their teeth is because they are undergoing some emotional stress at a conscious or subconscious level. If such were the case, I would use N.O.T. to correct any physical traumas, and then use an emotional technique such as N.E.T. (discussed in my book) to clear the emotional circuitry.