Past injuries that take a long time to heal or do not heal

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I play professional sports and had a bad injury some years ago. My trainers, physiotherapist, and chiropractor helped me get back to playing but it took 2 months. I was good for about a year, and then one day while taking out the garbage (which wasn’t heavy at all), the same symptoms of the injury returned. Because the relapse didn’t happen while I was playing, my contract was not renewed. I am doing my best to strengthen the area but the stability only lasts a few days at best. This has had an effect on me psychologically and I just want my body to be stable enough to enjoy sports with my kids and for a hobby, not even professionally anymore. Could N.O.T. have any answers for me?


If you read my book “Let It Flow” and watch my videos, you will understand how everything is connected in the body. There are many good techniques and therapies, such as the ones that you used after your injury the first time. You were already likely already in disorganization neurologically, even before the injury you had. Then the injury caused more neural disorganization, the body was in an even more heightened state of defense, and thus the individual therapies only helped you for awhile. Nobody first corrected and reorganized the electrical circuits of your body, which are responsible for stimulating your muscles to work in synchronicity, regardless of the body position or amount of load or stress. One day while taking out the garbage, your body happened to say “that’s enough! I can’t hide or compensate anymore for this problem that happened long ago. Neural Organization Technique is a primary treatment modality for any athlete, professional or not, who is seriously concerned about performing at his or her best!