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I always seem to have tightness and pain between my shoulder blades. Massage and chiropractic only temporarily help. How can N.O.T. help me?


Usually the body will have sustained an injury to the head, which we label a “cranial injury” (refer to my book “Let It Flow”). If the program responsible for holding the head is functioning, the brain will command the nerves to stimulate both the front and back muscles of the head, neck and chest equally. With a cranial trauma, the program can become disorganized or “off”. The result is that the head now feels heavy, and the survival response by your innate intelligence is to turn down the nerve energy to your front musculature and put as much energy to your posterior or rear head, neck, and upper back muscles. Your innate survival mechanisms do this to create a back up system for the purpose of holding your head up. Without this you would not be able to see in front of you, and from a primitive survival standpoint, would not be able to see oncoming attackers! Some other signs and symptoms of a cranial injury are pain and tension at the base of the skull and upper neck, headaches, restricted range of motion of the neck, vertigo or difficult balance, difficulty concentrating or remembering, a feeling the head being very heavy to hold up, slouched posture, one leg shorter than the other when lying on the stomach, an appearance of the head always tilting to one side, jaw tension, and the list goes on. The solution is not to soften the muscles of the back or free up the joints first, but to let them do their job of staying tight to keep the backup system functioning. The solution is to fix the circuitry in the cranium (a protocol found in the N.O.T. treatment). The body will then immediately discontinue hyper-stimulating the back muscles of the body and restore power to the front muscles, so that both front and back can share the load of holding the head up. The tension between the shoulders will then diminish as the cause has been corrected. After the cranial circuitry or neurology is corrected, one may find benefit from a few chiropractic adjustments combined with massage to restore joint mobility and loosen the fibrotic soft tissue.