Tired in the day but more energy and focus at night

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I find that I am always so tired and foggy or unfocused in the day, but come evening and night, I have more energy and can do my studying or concentration much more efficiently. Do you have a possible answer for this?


I wrote about the “in relation to” factor in my book “Let It Flow” and there is a video dedicated to this topic. If an accident happened during the day when it was light outside, the neural circuitry will be disorganized and test weak in muscle/circuit testing only IN THAT MODE ( i.e. in relationship to when it is light or when the treatment room is well lit). Taking it one level further, if at the precise moment of impact, the person’s eyes were open, the neural disorganization will only exhibit itself when the patient’s eyes are open. So as the doctor I would be finding and correcting their circuitry with their eyes open and in the light. If the patients eyes are closed the body will not reset because it is functioning fine with eyes closed in the light (for this example). It therefore makes sense that in order to find any circuitry faults in the body computer, we should check them with the patient eyes open in the light as well as eyes closed, and in the dark with eyes open and eyes closed. Your accident and subsequent neural disorganization probably happened at an early age, your eyes were open at the precise moment of impact, and it was light or daytime. Your innate intelligence was unable to recorrect itself and went permanently into fight/flight in that mode only. In your younger years this may have demonstrated as you having a lot of excess energy, but over time, your body has become fatigued because whenever you wake up in the morning, your body is thinking “Oh great, here we go again! This is the environment that I am not functioning in well (eyes open in the day).” So now the body has to put all its energy into just staying alive and mobile (the fight/flight system) until the environment changes to something safer (nighttime). Then it can relax and let go because in that environment it is organized and safe. On top of that, it takes away energy from the digestive and reproductive systems anymore because the fight/flight needs extra for protection. This could be the reason for your energy drain during the day. If the circuits were corrected through the N.O.T. procedures, your body would not be in weakness or struggle to the environment of eyes open in the light anymore and you could function again.