Treatments before pregnancy and difficult childbirths

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Is it safe or even recommended to have treatments before getting pregnant or when one is pregnant? Can you help with difficult childbirths?


Let’s pretend that you fell off of a horse when you were 11 years old. When you fell you landed on your rear but then fell backward and struck the back of your head against the ground. Immediately after the fall you could not really move for 10 minutes, but eventually stood up, walked, and returned to normal life. Sure there may have been pain for the next week or so, but it lessened after about a month and you eventually forgot about it. At 17 you started to notice some pain in your low back, but not much and you just became used to living with it. In addition, you have accepted that the cramping and aching during your menstrual cycles is normal since you have “always had them.” At 27 you became pregnant and had significant back pain during pregnancy. When you went into labor it was very challenging, and you were in labor for 16 hours. The doctors were even considering a C-section. After delivering, you now experience constant back pain. The above scenario is quite common. The fall at 11 caused disorganization between your head and pelvis, creating a gait fault (see Answer 3). Your pelvis is now twisted or torqued in compensation to your head, and you eventually notice some back pain. When you add the physical stress of pregnancy years later, the “hidden” problems from the fall off the horse now start to surface constantly. What is worse is that now you are going to force an infant to squeeze its head through a twisted smaller pelvic hole. He/she doesn’t want to come out because it will twist his/her cranium on exit, and the innate intelligence is aware of this potential danger. During labor, you enter the typical game of push/pull for many hours. Not only have you neglected to have your body corrected and put into optimal shape before bringing another into this world, but you have significantly increased the odds of your newborn having a cranial injury and subsequent neural disorganization! This will go on unchecked by the mainstream health professionals until the child begins to manifest symptoms such as one foot turning our more than the other, slow reflexes, difficulty walking, falling frequently to one side, etc. Even worse is that if your child grows up and experiences back pain, you will be told that it must be genetic, which I feel is an overused and irresponsible explanation for the cause of many conditions. Being checked and corrected with Neural Organization Technique is not only recommended but the responsible thing to do for any mother (and father). Before she gets pregnant, while she is pregnant, and after she has given birth. The same goes for the newborn.